Signify Pro 3.6 Update with New eCommerce Demo and Collection Section

Our Premium Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme, Signify Pro has just been updated! Signify Pro 3.6 now comes with added sections, enhancements, and a brand new demo.

This update mainly focuses on the eCommerce scheme. We’ve added a new Collection section and a new eCommerce Demo. Both of the changes are introduced to help eCommerce businesses and sites grow and promote their business. With this update, it is now safe to say that Signify Pro is a responsive eCommerce WordPress theme and fits all online stores and businesses.

Signify Pro 3.6 - eCommerce WordPress theme fb image

Signify Pro 3.6 Highlights


  • Added Collection Section

As the name suggests, the Collection section allows you to display the collection of your products or anything else you have to offer. The collection section is dedicated to online stores. It is considered helpful since this is where your customers will see what you have in store for them. Every product that you have will be displayed under its respective category in the Collection section. You can display your posts, pages, category, or custom in up to 4 columns.

New eCommerce Demo

Signify Pro 3.6 now comes with a new one-click eCommerce Demo – Signify eCommerce. You can import the Signify eCommerce demo if you want to build your professional eCommerce site and promote your online business.

Signify Pro 3.0 Updates Brings New Features and Exciting Demos

Signify Pro 3.0 Main Image

Signify Pro, our premium multipurpose Corporate WordPress theme is here with a fresh update. Signify Pro 3.0 now comes with new features and added demos.

The updates in Signify Pro 3.0 mainly focus on the wedding scheme.  We’ve added features and functionalities to fit the bill for wedding websites and also other businesses alike. The newly added features include Default Absolute Header, Added Base Color Schemes, Absolute Header Color for wedding scheme, and more.

Moreover, Signify Pro 3.0 also includes two brand new responsive fresh demos: Wedding and Education.

With the new features, functionalities, and demos introduced in this update, Signify Pro is now ready for multipurpose businesses like Wedding sites and Educational Institutions sites. With that being said, let’s now have a quick detailed look at the newly introduced features.

Signify Pro 3.0 Highlights

Added Base Color Schemes – Wedding and Education

Under the Colors option, you will now find the added Base Color Schemes option. The option includes four color schemes; Default, Dark, Wedding, and Education. The colors in different sections of your site vary from scheme to scheme. For instance, if you choose Wedding color scheme, your site will portray an elegant side with soft colors.

Default Absolute Header (for Wedding Scheme)

As we mentioned earlier, our main focus this time was to make the Signify Pro theme Wedding-site-ready. Therefore, we’ve added a default Absolute Header for the wedding scheme. If you own a wedding site and choose to display a wedding scheme, then a default absolute header will be displayed on your site. The Absolute Header allows you to display your header right above your custom header by overlapping it. However, your custom header will not be affected as the Absolute Header is displayed elegantly with minimalism in mind. This feature is to help you display your wedding website elegantly by adding a little style to it.

Absolute Header Color

If you are using the wedding scheme, you also get a new color option for the Absolute Header section. Choose the color of your absolute header that goes well with your site and theme.

Added Demos in Signify 3.0

Two new fresh demos have been added in Signify Pro update: Wedding and Education. These new demos are elegant, sleek, visually aesthetic, and includes well-organized content placement. You can import the one that suits your business the best and get your site ready in no time.

Signify Pro 2.0 is Available with New Features and Functionalities

Our Premium Corporate WordPress Theme, Signify Pro just got better with new features and added functionalities. Say Hello to the freshly updated version, Signify Pro 2.0!

The newly added sections in Signify Pro 2.0 include the Events Section and Timeline Section. These added sections allow you to further display your business in an aesthetic manner. Likewise, the new update also includes enhancements in the existing sections. For instance, Added Style Option in Header and Added Style Option in the Hero Content section.

Signify Pro – A Premium Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Signify Pro is a Premium Corporate WordPress theme that comes with a modern, sleek, clean design, and advanced functionalities. The theme is ideal for all business purposes as well as personal sites. With the responsive design and awesome features in Signify Pro, you can create any corporate site or any blogging site in just a few clicks. Sections like Contact, Featured Content, Gallery, Hero Content, Header Top Options, Logo Slider, Promotion Headline, Stats, Services, Team, Testimonials, Timeline, Events, and more are included in Signify Pro WordPress Theme. You can rearrange each and every section order on your site with the help of the Sections Sorter option. You can display custom widgets in your desired areas as well. The Instagram widget in Signify Pro allows you to display your Instagram feed in the most alluring way possible.

With all these amazing features, Signify Pro is the perfect pick for businesses to perform at a professional level across a broad spectrum of interests and industries

And now with new features and added functionalities, it is more versatile and you can promote your business precisely.

New Features in Signify Pro 2.0

Header Layout

  • Added Header Layout Option

Signify Pro 2.0 gives you the supremacy to choose your Header Layout from two different style options. The Style 1 displays your Header on the center alignment. Whereas, Style 2 displays your Header logo on the left and Menu on the right side of the header

Events Section

  • Added Events Section

The events section allows you to display different events with details elegantly. You can display events that you’ve been or going to be a part of. Also, choose the content type – Post, Page, Category, or Custom. In the Events section, you are empowered with two different Style Options as well: Style one and Style two. Choose the one that suits your business website the best.

Timeline Section

  • Added Timeline Section

There are occasions and moments that are memorable and you might want to preserve them. So, in order to perfectly showcase your memories in an elegant timeline, Signify Pro 2.0 now comes with the Timeline section. It helps you display your most notable moments in the most alluring way. Choose the Timeline content type – Post, Page, Category, or Custom and display them elegantly.

Hero Content

  • Added Style Option

Signify Pro 2.0 introduces a new Style option in the Hero Content Section. You can either choose Style One or Style Two to display your most impressive post/page/category/custom. You can go for Style One to display Hero Content in a classic manner. Whereas, go for Style Two for a little modern look.

So, with all these amazing new features and added functionalities, Signify Pro 2.0 is stronger and better than before. It fits a wide range of business websites with pixel-perfect and professional design. With easy customization, powerful features, and responsive design, Signify Pro has it all.