WEN Biz Pro 3.0 Now Comes with Elegant eCommerce Demo and New Features

WEN BIZ Pro 3.0 main image

WEN Biz Pro 3.0 just got better with new features and enhancements!

This Premium Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme now comes with new and updated sections along with an elegant eCommerce Demo. WEN Biz Pro 3.0 comes with new sections like WooCommerce Best Seller, New eCommerce Color Scheme, Products Review, and WooCommerce Products Showcase. Also, this updated version includes many enhancements to different sections and features as well. For instance, added Style Option Two in the Portfolio section, Add-to-Cart Style Option, enhanced Font Family Options, improved Featured Slider, Header Top section enhancements, and more.

Furthermore, WEN Biz Pro 3.0 now comes with a modern, sleek, and sophisticated eCommerce Demo that can be imported with just a single click.

WEN Biz Pro 3.0 Updates and Enhancements

WooCommerce Best Seller

  • Added WooCommerce Best Seller section

woocomerce-best-seller in wen biz pro

WEN Biz Pro 3.0 now comes with the section WooCommerce Best Seller. You can display your best-selling products in the section. There are many other customization options as well. For instance, Products Filter, Featured Products showcase, Cart Button Style Option, and more.

Products Review

  • Added Products Review section

products-review section in wen biz pro

The Products Review section allows you to display your customers’ reviews on your products. When a customer adds a review to any of your products, you can display them on the Products Review section. You can display the reviews based on the product’s rating (either highest to lowest or lowest to highest) or you can also display from newest/ oldest. Another great feature in the section is that you can display the product reviews as a slider and give the section a cool eCommerce look.

WooCommerce Products Showcase

  • Added WooCommerce Products Showcase section

woocomerce-products-showcase-section in wen biz pro

Another cool eCommerce feature added is the WooCommerce Products Showcase section. This section allows you to feature your most important products or the products you want your visitors to see at any cost. The section is somewhat similar to the Featured Products section that allows you to display your most amazing products.

eCommerce Color Scheme

  • Added eCommerce Color Scheme

woocommerce-color-scheme in wen biz pro 3.0

Under the Colors Option, you will now find the added eCommerce option in the Color Scheme. All of your base colors are selected in a way that fits an eCommerce website. Your online store will look extra elegant and sophisticated with the eCommerce Color Scheme activated.

Portfolio Style Option

  • Added Style Two option in Portfolio section

portfolio in wen biz pro 3.0

With the new update, you can choose from two different style options on how you want the Portfolio section to be displayed.

Add-to-Cart Button Style

  • Added Style 2 option in Add-to-Cart button

add-to-cart-button-style in wen biz pro

Now, while displaying your products on your website, you can choose from two different styles for your Add-to-Cart button. You can either choose a Classic Add to Cart button display where the button is displayed below the Price/Rating. Or, you can also choose to display your Add to Cart button only when hovered on the product image.

Enhanced Featured Slider

  • Enhanced Nav Arrows Style in Featured Slider section

featured-slider in wen biz pro

On the Featured Slider section, the nav arrows will be displayed in another elegant style option in the eCommerce color scheme. The nav arrows allow you to go to the next slide or previous slide in a much easier way.

Font Family Options

  • Added Jost Font to fit eCommerce Design

font-family-options in wen biz pro

Since this update focuses on the eCommerce blogs and websites, we have added Jost font, a font that goes along with the eCommerce design.

Header Top Section

  • Separate Border Style for Enhanced Look

The Header Top section now comes delivers a more elegant look with a chic border style to separate each information on the Header Top area.

New eCommerce Demo

  • Added an elegant eCommerce Demo

With the release of WEN Biz Pro 3.0, there is now a brand new eCommerce demo available – WEN Biz eCommerce Pro. You can import the eCommerce demo if you want to build a professional eCommerce site for your online business and showcase your exciting products.

Along with these new and enhanced features, WEN Biz Pro 3.0 also includes a few minor CSS updates.