Signify Wedding

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  • Created 03 January 2021
  • Updated 18 January 2024
  • Current Version 2.0.3
  • Compatible Browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari
  • Documentation Well Documented
  • High Resolution Yes
  • Layout Box layout, Fluid Layout, Responsive
  • Widget Ready Yes

Signify Wedding is a free Wedding WordPress Theme for wedding websites and businesses alike. It is a child theme of Signify, a popular Multipurpose WordPress theme. Signify Wedding comes with exciting features and functionalities that fit for wedding websites. Wedding websites should be clean, elegant, and visually aesthetic while also displaying important information. Signify Wedding helps you build a graceful and classy wedding website in just a few minutes. Some of the amazing features in Signify Wedding are Default Absolute Header, Header Color Option, Timeline, Events section, Featured Slider, Featured Content, Hero Content, Layout Options, Menu Options, Services, Testimonials, and more. All of these features are fully customizable, responsive, and wedding-focused. With sophisticated design and advanced functionalities, Signify Wedding is undoubtedly the best theme for wedding websites. The responsiveness in this theme makes your wedding website absolutely gorgeous across all screen sizes and devices. So, if you want to build a striking wedding site, choose Signify Wedding. Official Support Forum: Full Demo:

Signify Wedding VS Signify Pro (Wedding Version)

Signify Free Signify Pro (Premium)
Responsive Design Yes Yes
Additional CSS (Custom CSS) Yes Yes
Site Logo Yes Yes
Site Identity Yes Yes
Color Scheme No Default/Dark/Education/Wedding/Photography/eCommerce
Colors 2 Elements 22 Elements
Header Media Yes Yes
Header Media Overlay No Yes
Header Media Text Alignment No Yes
Header Image on Single Product page No Yes
Background Image Yes Yes
Custom Menus 2 6
Widgets Area 4 14
Comment Options No Yes
Contact Section No Yes
Event Section Page 5 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom, Custom Post Type)
Event Style & Options No Yes
Excerpt Options Yes Yes
Featured Content Page 4 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom)
Featured Slider Page 4 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom)
Featured Slider Settings No Yes
Font Family Options No Yes
Footer Background Image No Yes
Footer Options Copyright Text Copyright and Powered by Text
Gallery Options No Catch Gallery
Header Top Options No Yes
Hero Content Page 4 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom)
Hero Content Settings No Yes
Homepage / Frontpage Options Simple Advance
Layout Options Yes Yes
Site Layout No Yes
Header Layout No Yes
Default Layout 2 4
Homepage/Archive Layout 2 4
Archive Content Layout No Yes
Archive Image size No Yes
Blog/Archive Posts Column No Yes
Homepage Posts Column No Yes
Single Page/Post Image 2 4
WooCommerce Layout No Yes
Logo Slider No Yes
Menu Options Yes Yes
Menu Type Classic Classic and Modern
Pagination Options Yes Yes
Playlist No Yes
Sticky Playlist No Yes
Portfolio Page 5 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom, Custom Post Type)
Portfolio Settings No Yes
Promotion Headline No Yes
Scrollup Options Yes Yes
Search Options Yes Yes
Sections Sorter No Yes
Services Page 5 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom, Custom Post Type)
Services Settings No Yes
Stats No Yes
Team No Yes
Testimonials Page 5 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom, Custom Post Type)
Timeline Page 4 ( Post, Page, Category, Custom)
WooCommerce Support No Yes
Demo Data and Import No Yes